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While my blogs are probably going to go back and forth between writing and the current events of the world, I am an author, so writing should take center stage, write? I mean right? I often find myself looking at a mass of files and random scenes trying to either make sense of it all, or to find that one perfect paragraph I wrote that time when I was high or at a wedding and snuck into the can to take a note. Or, because you know me, both.

As I put the work in on the next installment in The Warrior Chronicles, I have also been planning the rest of my writing career. One of the problems a science fiction writer has, especially in my kind of hard sci-fi, that is science fiction that is based on plausible tech, is that for every new series you have to devise a new tech foundation. This means hours, and sometimes even days spent imagining how spacefarers might make intergalactic journeys. Because let’s face it, you are my audience and you want more than just, “He jumped across space and time with total disregard to science.”

So let me tell you about the foundation for the technology that will be used for the rest of my sci-fi career, and let me tell you why I’m so excited about it. First of all, the foundation for all hard sci-fi is physics, so let’s start there. You see, I think the universe is shaped like a seashell. I don’t think my theory breaks anything, either. But I also don’t think it can be proven. Not yet, at least. 

What if the big bang only expanded in all directions for the briefest moment before all the matter in the universe succumbed to chaos and was no longer in perfect balance? I think the mass, and therefore gravity, being out of balance caused a wrinkle in the expanding sphere and forced the early universe to fold in on itself. Only the other part, that part that didn’t fold in, kept expanding outward. 

That part that folded in still wants to expand too, though. And I think it’s that expansion that is pushing the rest of the matter of the universe outward, where it eventually folds back over itself, completing another layer of the known universe.

I also think the universe obeys the rules of the curve Fibonacci explained to us as it expands. 

Until proven otherwise, in my mind and therefore my writing, the universe is seashell-shaped and its expansion can be measured simply by applying Fibonacci’s knowledge to my imagination.

Next time I might tell you how folks are gonna jump through space.

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