Warrior’s Blood, book 2 in the Warrior Chronicles, has gone live all over the place – Amazon, Apple, B&N, and many, many more places. If you can’t find it at your preferred source, be patient – it’s out there in the netisphere, but it takes awhile for repopulation, you know.

Ah, back when Cort’s time on Mars had just begun and the whole of the galaxy was waiting for him to make his grand entrance… The memories of scotch and writing that book are strong. Cort was still introducing himself to future humanity in Warrior’s Blood, and the people who would do him harm found they were vastly outnumbered.

By one dude and his little dog.

Okay, okay. One seriously sociopathic hero type dude, his pet wolf, and some reluctant help. 

If you already own Warrior’s Blood, watch for the new version, then download it and re-familiarize yourself with Mars and the roots of the Ares Federation. If you don’t already own it, buy it now, so you can get a taste of what Cort can do when he’s up against a few more bad guys than he was back on Earth.

Meanwhile, back here on earth, my son has mostly recovered from COVID-19, but my oldest brother died from it this week. My wife suits up in two masks, goggles, and a face shield just to treat her patients who are negative. Once her building has positive patients, they will thankfully get even more strict. I stay home, smoke and write and plan next week’s grocery delivery, and make sure she has grilled pizza or burgers or something for dinner. Or she cooks and I clean up. Or we share the cooking. Or whatever. The point is, we stay home. Like you should.

I talked a little last time about hard scifi. I try to base as much of my science fiction on valid theory as I can. Because you deserve the best possible writing I can give you. Doctors Fauci and Birx do their best to give us the most valid treatments and ways to prevent this mess. It’s pretty simple, really. They are scientists and study this enemy for a living.

Like a Marine studies those that would do harm to the Constitution, those doctors and their colleagues study the germ that can stopped by


That’s it. If we had all done it at the beginning, this thing would already be over. The “BY GOD I’M ‘MURICAN and I don’t have to wear a mask,” bullshit is just that. We’ve known for centuries that masks are helpful. CENTURIES, people.

But by all means exercise your right to a level of stupidity that MY WIFE MADE ME DELETE THIS PART. Okay, maybe that last part was a tiny harsh, but by the way, the ‘Rona seems to fix MORE SPOUSAL EDITING. So if you want grandkids…. Wear a mask. 

If you don’t support masking up and aren’t social distancing, please NEVER buy my books. Save the money for the funerals you won’t be able to attend. Oh, and if you have the shits, a sniffle, or even a mild temperature, avoid the places called public and work. A coworker who ‘caught a cold at a family thing’ infected my son. SPOUSAL EDITING. AGAIN. SHE SAYS I’M RAGE BLOGGING BECAUSE OF MY BROTHER. Jesus Christ, we are being outsmarted by a single set of genes stuck in a protein shell. Not even a true single celled organism. If you don’t wear a mask, you are literally more stupid than something that isn’t even considered truly alive by most scientists and doctors.

At the very least, if you must go against science and do stupid shit like go eat crackers made of Jesus at church or get yarn at Hobby Lobby and protest against people who want nothing more than to be treated with basic human respect, please make sure you only cough on other people not wearing masks. That way we can put you all in one big mass grave and name it “Asses’ Hole.”

On the other hand, you can do all the right stuff and still end up with this shit. Like my kid. It happens. To those folks, I’m sorry for you and hope you recover. So you can find the fucker who infected you and pop them right in the mouth. Wears gloves and a mask when you do it though, okay? And sanitize after. 

Sorry we didn’t get to the drive system for the new universe. Maybe next time.

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