Warrior’s Realm is in the wild now. In it, Cort steps up and leads humanity into a galactic war with an enemy no one understands. Planets fall one after another, and the only hope is to trace them back to their source, and find some way to keep the Ares Federation of Planets and its new allies out of the path of destruction. But it’s also where we meet Heroc, who bonds humanity to her species in a way that only a true Queen can. More importantly, it takes us from Cort the human leader to Cort the living embodiment of war. Pick it up at your favorite ebook store and give it a spin if you haven’t already.

Speaking of war, how about 2020? Dang. Plagues, infernos, starvation, it’s almost like Momma Nature doesn’t like us anymore. But then, who can blame her? We aren’t exactly good stewards now, are we?

I’ve been pretty much stuck inside for over a month thanks to the wildfires here in northern California. But the last two days have been blissful. Particle counts in the tens instead of in the hundreds. I worked, gardened, and soaked up the sun outside today. Tonight I’ll be grilling some chuck eye steaks. Here’s a secret… it’s just a small rib eye that costs about 40% less. It’s the best grilling steak there is. Tomorrow night I’m grilling pizza. Sunday, I’m grilling something else. But I’ll be outside. To those of you still stuck in the AQI mess, you have my deepest sympathy, and I hope you get the same reprieve that we have soon. Hurricanes? No thanks. One of my remaining brothers has already gone through a couple of those this season in Louisiana, USA. So has my sister in Florida, USA. All I need is a good air filter and I’m set.

I want to get back outside, so I’m going to give Americans and those in countries with approaching elections a little advice.

Image by Hannah Edgman from Pixabay

If you can’t vote, spend your dollar at businesses that support your beliefs. In a corporate oligarchy, which is what I believe the USA and possibly the world is becoming, our dollar is as important as our vote. Use both wisely.

If you can but choose not to vote, you are an idiot and I hope you choose not to reproduce, because you are giving your power away to people who don’t know you, and letting them choose your children’s futures. Giving your own power away is the ultimate betrayal of one’s self. Giving someone else’s power away is the ultimate betrayal of humanity. 

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