• Let’s Talk Masks
    For those of you old enough to remember, they used to say the same things about seat belts that they say about masks now. Yet how stupid do you think people who don’t wear a seatbelt are? I assure you, people who don’t wear masks are twice as stupid and multiple times as dangerous.  A person who doesn’t wear a seatbelt is only putting themselves in danger. An idiot who walks into Lowe’s without a mask is a much bigger dipshit because they are putting every person they come in contact with at risk. So yeah,  that happened yesterday, and … Continue reading Let’s Talk Masks
  • In the Realm of Science Fiction
    Warrior’s Realm is in the wild now. In it, Cort steps up and leads humanity into a galactic war with an enemy no one understands. Planets fall one after another, and the only hope is to trace them back to their source, and find some way to keep the Ares Federation of Planets and its new allies out of the path of destruction. But it’s also where we meet Heroc, who bonds humanity to her species in a way that only a true Queen can. More importantly, it takes us from Cort the human leader to Cort the living embodiment … Continue reading In the Realm of Science Fiction
  • My Intolerance of Intolerance
    I have seen several social media posts over the last few months that scare me. One even caused a rift in my own family that has left us forever divided. But I am haunted by two posts in particular.  One was made to look like a page from a book. It said, “If your religion requires you to hate somebody, then you need a new religion.” That’s really what it boils down to. If you hate someone solely because a misinterpreted, outdated, and repeatedly re-translated book tells you to, then you need a new book.  The other post was a … Continue reading My Intolerance of Intolerance
  • Warrior’s Blood Re-Release
    Warrior’s Blood, book 2 in the Warrior Chronicles, has gone live all over the place – Amazon, Apple, B&N, and many, many more places. If you can’t find it at your preferred source, be patient – it’s out there in the netisphere, but it takes awhile for repopulation, you know. Ah, back when Cort’s time on Mars had just begun and the whole of the galaxy was waiting for him to make his grand entrance… The memories of scotch and writing that book are strong. Cort was still introducing himself to future humanity in Warrior’s Blood, and the people who … Continue reading Warrior’s Blood Re-Release
  • Physics. Again.
    While my blogs are probably going to go back and forth between writing and the current events of the world, I am an author, so writing should take center stage, write? I mean right? I often find myself looking at a mass of files and random scenes trying to either make sense of it all, or to find that one perfect paragraph I wrote that time when I was high or at a wedding and snuck into the can to take a note. Or, because you know me, both. As I put the work in on the next installment in … Continue reading Physics. Again.